A division of Kane Constructions


As a division of Kane Constructions, arete shares the established financial strength of Kane.  

For over 40 years through the ups and downs of the building cycle, Kane Constructions has achieved steady and sustainable growth. With annual turnover in excess of $600 million, the company is well placed to take on a mix of short, medium and longer term projects ranging from $200,000 to $200 million.

Backed by Kane’s strong balance sheet, no debt and significant cash reserves ($95+ million) arete can offers its clients and their advisors financial assurance in relation to project delivery.  In addition Kane’s construction group has total assets exceeding $150m with a security facility to cater for over $1 billion of work under construction.

arete is pre-qualified with the Victorian Department of Transport (CSR) in their highest value category ($138 million) and also Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC) accredited. In New South Wales and Queensland, the company is pre-qualified to undertake Government projects valued up to $100 million.

arete follows the same standards of probity, governance and statutory compliance as Kane and has in place management accounting controls that would be the envy of many larger companies. Kane’s comprehensive, accurate and up to date cost and liquidity controls ensure that the arete has continual support of it’s company's growth and commitments.