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Sponsoring the Balamu Football Academy - Wasawa, East Africa

15th May, 2019

In March 2019 arete teamed up with the Balamu Community Outreach Program to provide their football academy located in Wasawa, East Africa, with football kits for those attending the Balamu Football Academy founded by Moses Wambale little over a year ago.

Moses started the academy to provide the children of the Wasawa and surrounding villages with an opportunity to further their education and gain important life skills.

Within these remote areas of east Africa, secondary education is a rare thing for children to undertake as they often seldom have money for food let alone education fees. Children who show dedication and talent are awarded Bursaries for secondary education in the nearby city of Mukono - easing the burden of parents who may be struggling to provide meals each day, let alone money for education fees.

The children in these remote east African villages work at sugar companies or in the forest making Charcoal from the age of 14 and most are married at age 12. Along with providing children with football skills, the academy provides them with an opportunity to further their education.

arete are proud to assist the BACOP in providing these opportunities to children from as young as 5, building their confidence and giving them hope for a better future.

The academy is open to both boys and girls giving an equal opportunity and access to education. BACOP provide the children with professional coaches and equipment - like the arete sporting kits.

Programmes such as those run by the football academy are important for education and personal development. Developing their social skills, responsibility and improving their self-esteem. Should you wish to learn more about the Balamu Community Outreach Program and the Balamu Football Academy or if you would like to learn more about sponsoring a child please go to and see how your sponsorship can help better the future for the children of Wasawa and the surrounding villages.